Vintage Japanese Kimono, kimono fabric and collectibles.

BittaLime Kimono Perth. 
We have been selling Kimono in Perth for over 10 years.

We stock gorgeous vintage and antique kimono.  Stunning silk kimono and summer cotton yukata.

We have over 200 different kimono in stock. Prices start at $50.00 -$80 for komon kimono. 
Tomosode (Black formal Kimono) with wonderful hand painted designs and embroidery start from $70 -$90.
We also have Houmongi (visiting kimono) and Iro Muji.

There are brand new yukata, and also easy wear kimono yukata for $50. 
Beautiful silk obi of excellent quality, The prices start at $40 to $80.

Haori, kimono jackets for $40. 
Handwoven silk kumihimo to tie your kimono and tabi (socks) to complete your outfit. 
Obi-age and some juban and under garments are also available.

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